Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome to Temple Training

I would like to welcome everyone to my corner of the internet world! I have big plans for this blog, I feel that after my years of fitness and my recent lifestyle change I can now pass on the information I have learned to all my readers!

Fitness is and should be a very important aspect of life - our bodies are our temples, the most prized possession we cherish, it is also the first impression we leave on the people around us. The most complex and dynamic organism is in our control - and we cannot waste this potential!

As this site grows, I wish to lay the groundwork and foundation for proper weight loss, avoiding the pitfalls and crash diets, the most efficient means of packing on lean mass, supplement reviews from my own firsthand experience, proper nutrition to enable the most permanent weight loss, and my own personal success story - so that you know I am not pulling this information out of the air!

I hope everyone becomes a permanent resident to this blog, and offers their support and comments whenever needed - it is always appreciated.

With that I am going to get to work on the articles!


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