Sunday, November 11, 2007

Melt the Fat! The "ECG" Stack Reviewed!!

Hello all!

Time for another supplement review!

During the summer months I'll admit shamefully that my diet started slipping as well as my workout routine, I partly blame it on my ability to stay dedicated, as well as a new job with an absolutely punishing work schedule! Damn those (crack)berries...

Well, by mid-August i was pushing a grueling 216lbs on my 5'10 frame, while eating high protein allowed me to retain my muscle despise training as often, unfortunately I was also packing on the spare tire.

So to cure all of this, I decided to try a new fat-burning stack: The ECG Stack.


Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated)

Combining the proven fat burning effect of:

1.Ephedrine (can still be found in 8mg doses or as "Bronk-aid" a respiratory supplement - although in this review i managed to score a bottle of 25mg doses.

2. Caffeine for its metabolic-boosting capabilities, and hunger-suppressing traits

3. Green Tea Extract for its fat burning traits as well as countless other health benefits.

Dose for week 1:
2x Daily:
25mg Ephedrine (or 8mg x 3 if you are using the smaller doses)
200mg Caffeine (1 tablet)
400mg Green Tea Extract (1 capsule)

Dose for week 2-3:
3x Daily:
25mg Ephedrine (or 8mg x 3 if you are using the smaller doses)
200mg Caffeine (1 tablet)
400mg Green Tea Extract (1 capsule)

Week 4: OFF

Week 5-6: Repeat 3x dosage

Week 7: OFF

Week 8-9: Repeat 3x dosage

Week 10: OFF

Repeat as necessary, however the week off the cycle is key to let your body restore its natural levels to normal and reduce the chances of body addiction (you won't get addicted per say, however the stack becomes less effective in the body as time ON the stack continues, so just be sure to give your body a week's worth of rest!)

As a result of starting the stack in Mid-August at 216lbs, i dropped down to a now maintaining 193-195lbs as of the end of October, 2007.

Keep in mind, an effective diet is absolutely necessary, as well as a strong work-out regiment, i made the sacrifice to wake up early at least 3x a week to perform 45 min of low-intensity cardio on an empty stomach, followed by a minimum of 3 weight-training workouts a week.

I am not extremely sensitive to caffeine, so be sure to listen to your body, if caffeine causes over-stimulation, avoid caffeinated drinks while on this stack, and drink plenty of water!!

The ECG stack also causes a great reduction in hunger pains, i am a naturally hungry boy by nature! This stack allowed me to stick to a solid 5-6 meal a day nutrition plan, without the urge to binge on snacking between meals!

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, this stack can't be beat for its dollar to impact ratio!

That's it for now, but keep checking back as i will be releasing some new progress pics in the near future! Take Care!

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Morning Workout!

BLAH! - Something i easily would have said about 6 months ago, the very thought of waking up at the crack of dawn to kickstart my system into overdrive before its even ready to register brushing my teeth sent chills down my spine!

Unfortunately, due to a new job, and a varying schedule morning workouts have become crucial in my quest to drop the fat and build the muscle! I can honestly say now, its not as bad as it looks, its a simply a matter of getting into the routine of doing it!

I start with my 5:30am wake-up call - which by all means, isnt even that "early" when i think about the other bodybuilders out there waking up at 4:00am! Chug down my EC stack and plenty of water, get dressed and hit the gym for a cardio session ranging from 45min to 60 min.
On weight-training days I find myself pushing past the puke reflex as i chug down a packet of oatmeal and scoop of whey - how FUN! lol

Yet once i am in the gym, i am in the ZONE - nothing else matters. The feeling i get afterwards of knowing i had a solid workout keeps me pumped throughout the day. Not to mention the food i eat now has to battle my overclocked metabolism and my pumped muscles probably steal most of it anyways….BYE BYE FAT!

I highly recomend to anyone, try the morning workout, its alot different from my old schedule of hitting the gym in the evening!