Saturday, September 09, 2006

Eat More to Lose More!

What in God's name could I be talking about? Eating more means losing more? No way you say! Well its correct! One of the biggest secrets to my drop in body fat and increase in hard lean muscle mass was the fact that I ate more throughout the day.

The Misconception

The traditional staple for the 20th century has been the traditional "3 square meals" each and every day, starting with a big breakfast, a big lunch, and finally a big dinner, while taking extra caution not to ruin one's appetite before each meal. This is a completely incorrect way of accomplishing long-lasting weight loss!

The Answer

The answer to our problem? 6-7 equally portioned out meals each and every day! Or a better rule of thumb, for the early risers or night workers - eating every 2.5-3 hours, starting with an intake of food almost immiediately after waking up.

One must understand that there are several benefits to eating more throughout the day:

  • Stable blood sugar levels
    • reducing the rollercoaster ride a traditonal person's blood sugar level would undergo throughout the day - thus, stimulating fat storage rather then fat burning for energy
  • Reducing appetite
    • Going longer between meals creates that "starving" feeling, and when the time comes to eat, one often consumes an excessive amount of food, followed by bloating and a queasly, uneasy, and tired feeling - we have all been there!
  • Fuel for the Muscles
    • Ensuring an ample supply of protein throughout the day will also ensure your muscles have the fuel needed to undergo repairs, as well as maintenance - going longer between meals will put the body into a catabolic state - this also helps to debunk the "dont eat after 7pm" myth.

"Dont eat after 7pm"

A total fallacy! The maintenance of your muscles is one of the most demanding aspects of your body. The human body would be willing to dump the muscle in a heart beat. In order to combat this one will have to keep their body supplied with energy throughout the day, and this includes night time as well!

Of course, im not saying to pig out on carbohydrate rich foods before bed - unless you are undergoing a bulking cycle. But for losing weight sake, protein rich foods before bed will keep your body out of the catabolic process - that is, breaking down muscles for energy.

Slow-release proteins will absorb for hours throughout the night to ensure your body has enough energy to repair and maintain muscle, as well as perform other body functions.

In Conclusion

  • Eat portioned out food every 2.5-3 hours
  • Consume food right up to bed-time, however ensuring that this late night snack is protein rich and low in carbs.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day - several litres

Following these guidelines are among the first steps to a complete lifestyle change!

Happy training



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