Friday, September 15, 2006

The importance of Water!!

Without a doubt, the most important substance your body should have is water! Before training, before supplement use, before dieting, the number one thing you should grow accustomed to is constantly having a bottle of water around you, and learning to keep your body filled with plenty of this H2O goodness! The intake of water brings a host of benefits as well:
  • Helps to regulate the body temperature
  • Maintains efficiency of cells and bodily functions
  • Draws sodium out of the body - less bloating!
  • Flushes body of toxins and other harmful waste by-products
  • Helps in metabolizing fat cells
  • Suppresses hunger
  • Etc!

Not maintaining an adequate water supply will also have a negative impact on health:
  • Body becomes bloated - less water coming in = body holds onto the remaining water it has, and when water is finally ingested, it is also stored in the body.
  • Constipation
  • Headaches, nausea if left dehydrated
  • It only takes a 2-5% reduction in the body's water weight in order to suffer from dehydration symptons - so keep that water flowing!
Additional tips for weight loss!
  • Ice cold water is the best water supply to ingest! Ice cold water causes the body to burn more calories in order to heat it up as it passes through your system. Think of it as coolant in an automobile, when you first start the engine the coolant is cold, but as the engine heats up the coolant draws the heat out of the engine. So with the same thinking, the ice cold water draws heat out of the body, and the body is forced to burn more calories in order to maintain a steady temperature!
  • Despite common belief, drinking more water will not mean heavier and more bloated, with a steady supply of water, your body will quickly flush your system. However, if water intake is neglected, then your body will go into survival mode and hold onto every last drop of water in your system, causing the bloating!
Another important note, there is almost no danger of drinking TOO MUCH water, in very rare cases, a large intake of water daily will upset the sodium balance in your body, causing several symptons similiar to being under the influence of alcohol - however this is extremely rare, one would have to drink literally gallons of water every day!

So keep that glass filled to the brim!

Happy drinking,

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