Saturday, September 09, 2006

Maximizing your Potential

How a gym membership could give you the dream body you desire!

I have never been one to advocate or recommend a person interested in training to start by working out at home. I don't feel that there are any benefits towards working out at home. I realize my opinion is totally subjective and open to debate, but consider it for a moment.

There is the equipment advantage from a gym, sure you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your weight rack, smith machines, etc. but you will never be able to load your basement gym or garage gym with the equipment a professional gym will provide! Unless you are loaded beyond belief, then just stop reading now!

There is also the safety issue, how safe is one working out by themselves?

I can just imagine the horror stories of a newcomer working on the bench, using clamps and getting stuck with the weight on their chest and unable to tip it off to the side! At a gym, you've got anywhere from a handful to several dozen people working around you at the same time, all ready to help at a moments notice! I've seen it happen before!

The biggest thing i find is the energy i can tap into at a gym! When i work out next to my fellow gym members, pounding out every single rep, sweat dripping to the floor, huffing and puffing for oxygen, it drives me wild! No, not in a kinky sort of way - but their motivation drives me to push myself even harder, to push that last rep even when i don't think i can make it!

I could never imagine working out by myself, there is no energy for me! I feed off the energy of others, even during the slow periods at the gym, my routines severely lack any sort of power or energy because there is no one in sight!

The small costs for a gym membership (I pay $35mth CDN) are totally worth it for the amount of brand new equipment i have at hand, the energy, and the relative closeness (only a 5 min drive)

If one still finds this out of their price range, keep in mind that several family fitness and health clubs - such as the YMCA, offer special financial help in the form of one-on-one meetings to establish ones income and expenses, and often the new membership price is reduced anywhere from 30-70%!!

It is something to keep in mind, everyone is different, some people would prefer to work out alone or in their home, but i am the absolute opposite, it's the energy of others that pushes me to my limits.

Happy Training



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